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    Bulog: No End Creatures!


    BANDUNG - Perum Bulog right into the age of 51 years. In this age of half century, Bulog has always been present in the public service duties for the Indonesian people in the field of stock and food security.

    Head of Perum Bulog Divre Jabar Sugit Tedjo said this year Bulog's birthday holds the theme of "Relentless Creation" which is the embodiment of Bulog Perum now and in the future. In addition to serving in public services, Bulog is also expected to compete in the general market for commercial commodities owned by Bulog.

    "Therefore, all human beings of Bulog must be able to continue to innovate and create endlessly to face the market competition and also the task of public service and to create creations and innovations that are beneficial for the progress of our beloved Bulog and the people of Indonesia," he explained at Bulog Jabar office, Jalan Sukarno Hatta Bandung, Monday (14/5).

    Sugit who read the welcome speech of Bulog President asserted if there are three pillars that must now be implemented by all employees bulog, from center to region, namely: availability, affordability and stabilization.

    "The availability of food must be prepared at the same time at an affordable price. Bulog also has an important role in price stabilization, especially before Ramadan, "he said.

    He also asks the public to make corrections if there are field officers who work less well.

    "We obviously need a correction from the community so we can work better," he said. (Jo)

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