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    Realize Smart Province, Jabar Build 3,000 Kilometers of Fiber Optic Network


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government (West Java Provincial Government) to build an integrated fiber optic telecommunication network infrastructure with districts / cities in order to realize the concept of smart province.

    As a first step, the high-speed transmission infrastructure will be built along 3,000 kilometers that will integrate fiber optic network that has been built in districts / cities in West Java. Through the fiber-optic network, governance and public services are expected to increase.

    "This workshop is the first step of governor implementation (governor's decision) related to the plan of broadband development or fiber optic network," said President Director of PT Jabartel Aliyas after opening Smart City Workshop 2018 at East Hall Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Monday / 5/2018).

    Aliyas explained, as a Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) West Java provincial government, it was given the mandate to realize Jabar as smart province. According to him, the fiber optic network will be built on the provincial roads which are then integrated with fiber optic network built by the district / city government.

    "Through the cooperation built with the BUMD districts / cities, we will integrate the infrastructure (fiber optics) built by provincial and district / city governments," he explained.

    According to Aliyas, a 3,000 kilometer long fiber-optic network will be built gradually over five years this year to be built along 400 kilometers with a total investment value of up to Rp. 500 billion. The plan, said Aliyas, construction will begin next June 2018.

    "As a BUMD, we have the flexibility to find investors, and in the near future, there are some investors who will build this infrastructure with us," he said.

    In the workshop, the signing of cooperation on passive infrastructure development in Cirebon and Bandung (inner city) areas was also carried out. This cooperation completes the concession already owned by PT Jabartel before (Bandung and Kuningan regency). Detaile Enginering Design (DED) joint fiber optic channel in Bandung Raya itself was created 2016 ago by the Office of Communications and Informatics (Diskominfo) Jabar.

    "Next is the phase of development and management of fiber optic channels together by PT JabarTelematika," he concluded.

    Still in the same place Head of Communications and Information Service Prov. Jabar Hening Widyatmoko appreciated the development of integrated fiber optic network. The reason, he said, without the main infrastructure, the concept of smart city that often ditgaungkan district / city government will not be realized optimally.

    It also encourages district / city governments to support the program. The regional heads, Hening said, should have the same understanding in realizing smart city in their respective districts as a necessity.

    According to him, the development of fiber optic network that will be prioritized to support the concept of smart city in government offices will also be very useful in governance and improvement of public services.

    "Now is the era of industrial revolution, if not prepared it will be far behind, it is necessary politicall will allocate budget for infrastructure preparation, so smart city is not just talk," he said.

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