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    Ngabuburit at Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG - During Ramadan this year, Gedung Sate Museum and Gesa Kopi held a Ngabuburit event at Gedung Sate. Ngabuburit tradition can be done anywhere, but a different experience will be experienced by visitors because this special moment is held in the historic place Gedung Sate which is located on Diponegoro Street No. 22 Bandung. The event is open to the public both domestic and foreign from May 19, 2018 to June 10, 2018.

    Some activities to wait for the breaking of fasting time have been prepared, such as museum tours and public areas of Gedung Sate with experienced guides. Visitors can take pictures in several locations such as park area, fountain and Gedung Sate tower.

    The Educational side was also appointed in this event by presenting a talk show that invited several speakers with different themes each day. In addition, education about West Java coffee is also presented to the visitors who want to add insight about coffee, especially coffee that comes from West Java directly with the expert.

    Ngabuburit event at Gedung Sate will feature an acoustic band from West Java that will accompany and entertain visitors until the end of the event. Game boards and quizzes are also prepared during the event. Surprises are given to visitors by presenting guest stars who helped enliven this Ngabuburit event. Due to the high enthusiasm for this event, visitors who want to join Ngabuburit event at Gedung Sate can directly follow instagram @MuseumGedungSate and @GesaKopi with #ngabuburitdigedungsate for more information.

    Gesa Kopi

    Gesa which is an acronym of "Gedung Sate" is cafe owned by Cooperative of Ngopi Saraosna. Cooperative place to gather coffee farmers of West Java who follow Ngopi Saraosna event. Gesa Kopi carries the spirit of kinship and togetherness to advance the best coffee of West Java. Gesa Kopi also become the best coffee shop of West Java to be enjoyed directly by employees and visitors of Gedung Sate, both domestic and foreign which integrated with existence of Gedung Sate Museum. With the presence of Gesa Kopi, it is expected to become one of triggers to increase the selling value of West Java coffee which leads to increase the welfare of coffee farmers.

    Gedung Sate Museum

    Gedung Sate Museum is an idea to appreciate the values ??of the region through the relics of history. The museum was completed in 2017 and located in Gedung Sate. The museum also has added value in terms of presenting information that is educative and entertaining through various interactive media in it. In addition, Gedung Sate Museum develops the technology in order to present the information contained in the concept of smart museum which is an attraction for visitors.

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