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    UIII Depok City Will Become The Center Of World Islamic Studies


    DEPOK - History of Indonesian Islamic civilization is present in a long span of time and has colored the Islamic world in the archipelago. It has spawned the character of Islam Wasatiyyah, where the value of Islam combined with a plural and tolerant cultural values.

    Efforts to re-affirm Islamic civilization in Indonesia, conducted by the government through the theme of education. The central government through the Directorate General of Islamic Education of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia is currently building an international Islamic campus, Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII).

    President of Indonesia Jokow Widodo (Jokowi) hopes this campus becomes the center of study or research of world-class Islamic civilization that exist in Indonesia. Moreover Indonesia is known as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

    "We hope that the International Islamic University of Indonesia, really become the center of study, the center of Islamic civilization research in our country, Indonesia," said Jokowi who accompanied by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in his speech at the first stone laying of UIII Campus project in the area LPP Transmitter Building RRI, Raya Bogor Street, Cimanggis, Depok City, Tuesday morning (5/6/18).

    "It is only natural that Indonesia should be a reference for the progress of Islamic civilization in the world," said Jokowi who is also accompanied by Vice President Jusuf Kalla and Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifudin.

    Meanwhile, Religious Minister Lukman explained that UIII was built not only to meet domestic needs in the field of Islamic higher education, but also to meet the needs of society, as well as to strengthen Indonesia's leadership in the international Islamic world.

    The campus which will only open up the level of master and doctoral education is based on three basic values. Islamic values, insights and global projection, and the value of Indonesiaan.

    "Unlike the existing Islamic campuses, the tasks and functions of UIII are not only the organizers of teaching and learning, research, and community service, but rather to build the Islamic civilization of Indonesia and contribute to global civilization through education," he said. in his speech.

    UIII will not only have faculties and libraries. There will also be the center of Islamic civilization, the center of Islamic strategic studies, the Islamic study center, as well as the Islamic art and cultural museum that will be the center of Islamic Nusantara artifacts and manuscripts.

    UII campus will be built on 142.5 hectares of land. Where 30% of the land will be filled with buildings and another 70% is green land for the protection of environmentally friendly flora and fauna, so it will become a place of recreation for campus residents and the surrounding community.

    The campus will have seven faculties, namely: Faculty of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Islamic Economics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Architecture and Arts. The first year of UIII will open three courses, namely Islamic Studies, Political Science, and Education.

    UIII Campus Development has been proclaimed President Jokowi since two years ago through Presidential Regulation No. 57 of 2016 on the Establishment of International Islamic University of Indonesia. This commitment is strengthened by the status of PTNBH which will be directly attached to UIII. In addition, this campus project is the only campus construction that is included in the national strategic project program in education.

    "We are confident that the President's decision to prioritize the construction of this campus will make Indonesia in the future not only become one of the foreign tourist destination, it also serves as a destination country for international students study in the field of Islamic studies," said Minister.

    UIII's budget reaches Rp 3.97 trillion

    UIII Campus construction plan will be carried out in three development zones. Zone 1: Consisting of rectorate building, mosque, library, faculty building, infrastructure area, landscape and hardscape, and eco sanctuary park.

    Zone 2 is the construction of student area (student center, book store, university mall, sport center), campus residences (professor and lecture staff, student family, student apartments), and MEP building or rehabilitation of old buildings.

    While Zone 3, namely: development of faculty and study centers (study centers, scholar center, training center), as well as the central area of civilization (museum, performing arts, and convention center).

    Phase I of Development (2018-2019) will swallow the budget of Rp. 788 bln. While total development cost reached Rp. 3.97 Trillion. President Jokowi expects the campus construction to be completed entirely within four years.

    President Jokowi in his speech added that the building UIII Campus building will be futuristic design. Because according to him, science and research should look forward not backward. "In terms of design, futuristic design.Indeed science and research is we look forward not look back.Both from the design, layout, campus side, I see It is really a campus of the future, "he added. Moderate Islamic Laboratory of Indonesia West Java provincial government welcomed as well as fully support the establishment of this campus. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) hopes UIII will bring a big impact and bring West Java and Indonesia become one of the center of Islamic development of the patterned Indonesia to the world. "The selection of Depok City as the location of UIII Campus is the right thing because the life of Muslims in West Java has been known to be moderate, tolerant of diversity, open to diversity, diversity, and always oriented to the progress of worldly life and ukkhrowi in equilibrium, "Aher said in his welcome welcome. UIII campus in West Java, Aher said will have a moderate Islamic life laboratory with Indonesian pattern. The condition of the majority Muslim community in West Java is inseparable from the history of the entry of Islam into the peaceful West Java region, and its teachings are in line with the values of delay. "We believe that the establishment of this campus in Depok, West Java is essentially the will Allah Almighty Hopefully also be a sign from God will progress that will be achieved this campus, "hope Aher.UIII also said Aher, will strengthen the image of West Java in the world of national and global education. No wonder, because in West Java many public and private universities are world-class. "Being honored and proud for West Java Province, because Depok City was chosen to be the location of UIII campus development, this will further strengthen the role of West Java in the history of the world of education in Indonesia even in the global level, "said Aher." For that, we as the people of West Java and West Java Provincial Government, Depok City Government and other districts in West Java, In Shaa Allah is ready one hundred percent to provide full support for the establishment of Islamic University International Indonesia is in tatar West Java, "he concluded.

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