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    25 Local Government Agencies in West Java Achieved Unqualified Opinion


    BANDUNG-Of the 28 local government agencies in West Java Province, 25 of them have received Unqualified opinion (WTP) for the Local Government Financial Report (LKPD), including West Java Provincial Government LKPD which has won seven consecutive Opinion WTP from BPK RI.

    Regency / City Government that has achieved WTP Opinion that is Bogor Regency, Sukabumi Regency, Cianjur Regency, Bekasi Regency, Karawang Regency, Purwakarta Regency, Bandung Regency, Sumedang Regency, Garut Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency, Ciamis Regency, Cirebon Regency, Kuningan Regency Indramayu, Majalengka Regency, Pangandaran Regency, Bogor City, Sukabumi City, Cirebon City, Bekasi City, Depok City, Tasikmalaya City, Cimahi City, and Banjar City.

    While the three districts / cities are still reaching Opinion Unqualified Exception (WDP), namely Subang Regency, West Bandung regency, and the city of Bandung.

    To that end, the West Java Provincial Government encourages the acceleration of these districts / cities in order to make their financial statements well.

    Regional Secretary (Sekda) West Java Province Iwa Karniwa also requires the three districts / cities to achieve Opinion WTP for LKPD Year 2018 this. "The first, reminds me and reminds official (from district / city) in order to maintain the WTP. And secondly, it requires Bandung City, Subang Regency, and West Bandung Regency to immediately complete the financial statements properly, correctly and reasonably so that later in 2019 (LKPD 2018) can get Unqualified Opinion, "Iwa said in his speech when attended the Coordination Meeting on the preparation of the Local Government Financial Statements within the provincial / regency / municipality in West Java, as well as the partners of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury of West Java Province in 2018 at the Soekarno Hall, Dwi Warna Building, the Office of the Directorate General of Treasury of West Java Province, Diponegoro Street City of Bandung, Friday (29/6/28).

    "God willing if possible and asked for the three districts / cities I can attend to gather in order to encourage acceleration solve various problems," he continued.

    Iwa said that WTP is not a guarantee of absence of corruption in LKPD. However, WTP is an indicator that financial governance is done well and correctly.

    "Why not a guarantee? First, because the examination of the financial statements were sampling. Perhaps the sampling happened to be a problem. Secondly, it is beyond our control, the permissions. Where in it there is no value for money. But there is also an element of magic, sometimes. One of them in these two districts, "said Iwa.

    "Therefore, the two things let us both fix. We also in the provinces are equally improving, so that we get the WTP and hopefully we are also not exposed to legal problems, "he hoped.

    Head of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury of West Java Province Yuniar Yanuar Rashid said that any organization / institution / entity that manages public funds / community must account for the funds under its management according to the laws and regulations to the public /

    "Similarly, for all Local Government in West Java, which manages APBD funds is obliged to account for the fund according to the legal regulation which obliges it," Yuniar said in a press release of Regional Office of West Java Regional Office of Treasury.

    These norms, continued Yuniar, in practice implemented through the preparation of financial statements in accordance with legislation in order to implement the principle of accountability in the management of state funds to the public.

    There are three speakers in the preparation of this LKPD. First, Mohamad Hadad (Directorate General of Treasury) which discusses the "Budget Cycle Relation in Achieving PAPs". Second, Head of BPK West Java Provincial Office, Arman Syifa, delivered the material on "Problems in Local Government Financial Report (LKPD) in reaching PAP". The third speaker was Head of the Coordination and Supervision Unit of the KPK Prevention Division, Asep Rahmat Suwanda, who delivered material on "Prevention of Corruption".

    Mohamad Hadad said that managing state finances held openly and responsibly is very important to be implemented. "It is because it is a manifestation of Good Governance that is constantly realized by our government," said Hadad.

    In terms of the financial report presentation criteria, there are 4 (four) factors that must be really concern to be implemented, namely: (1) LKPP has been presented fairly on material aspects in accordance with Government Accounting Standard (SAP), (2) Has been implemented (3) The Central Government Financial Statement has been adequately disclosed, and (4) Has fulfilled all applicable provisions. Hadad exemplifies one significant case to be avoided, ie the procurement of a book that turns out to be fictitious. This has resulted in students not having the opportunity to use the book as if it were held. The result is the delayed increase in intelligence and reduction of illiteracy in the community. Meanwhile, the Head of BPK West Java Provincial Office, Arman Syifa, conveyed the complete obstacles in achieving WTP Opinion by BPK for each local government. The presentation illustrates the guidance on how to reach the WTP Opinion and maintain the highest standard of opinion. On this occasion, the Head of the Coordination and Supervision Unit of KPK Prevention Division Asep Rahmat Suwanda delivered the material which basically contained instructions on how APBD management could be avoided from potential acts criminal corruption. Asep emphasizes that local governments can create an early system of prevention of criminal acts of corruption in every local government, and invite local governments not to try to do acts that violate the law in the implementation of the APBD.

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