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    How to release stress because a lot of Activities by Iriawan


    Many ways to unwind and revive enthusiasm after conducting a solid activity of a regional head. For Daily Implementer Governor of West Java Mochamad Iriawan, singing is the medicine.

    The intense and tiring activity that Iriawan did during his three-day visit to the South West Java region required stamina and spirit that must always be maintained. Not only by himself but also for his companion and crew.

    That day, Wednesday (01/08/2018) approximately at 9 pm, the crew and officials of West Java provincial government was surprised. how they were not suprise, when enjoying dinner in one of the seafood restaurants on the coast of Palabuhanratu, suddenly a distinctive voice with a husky character was heard throughout the corner of the room between the sound of the waves.

    "Harita basa usum halodo panjang, calik paduduaan dina samak salambar," was a fragment of a song entitled Pangandaran by musician Doel Sumbang sung by Iriawan.

    Earlier on that day, Iriawan accompanied the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs to attend an audience with business people in the Citarum watershed in the city of Bandung. In the afternoon, he immediately went to the southern region of Sukabumi Regency. The first location that he visited was the land which was planned to be made an airport in Cikembar. Then review Geyser Cisolok tourism object in Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Unesco Global Geopark area. In the afternoon until evening he moved to Cimaja Village to formalize the Rutilahu program and provide rice assistance.

    "I'm not sleepy now, I feel fresh again," Iriawan said after completing the first song.

    The habit of singing is often done between the dense work agenda. In addition to fatigue, he also believed he was able to establish intimacy with the crew and his companion. There was no limit between superiors and subordinates, all mixed in one moshpit in the restaurant.

    "I always sing on the sidelines of the visit to get tired, so that everything is refreshed," he said.

    After donating his golden voice, Iriawan invited the heads of service to sing with him. It turned out that pent-up talent also emerged from a Kadishub (Department of Transportation) Dedi Taufik and Kadiskop (Department of Cooperatives) UKM Dudi Sudrajat when singing a song called Love Story in School. The crowd's applause greeted him in a compact manner.

    "It's still lacking, go on, let's go all along, sing along," said Iriawan.

    They sang the song together. At approximately 10:30 pm, Iriawan ends up having to rest to undergo a solid agenda tomorrow.

    Before going on to take a rest, another habit of Daily implementer Governour of West Java Iriawan was to hold Anev or analysis and evaluation. This activity is done after the completion of full day activities to discuss with officials about the evaluation of activities that have been undertaken and formulate the next activity. Iriawan looked seriously at suggestions and input from his subordinates.

    "We have to be enthusiastic, no matter how good we are, this is (singing together) to maintain togetherness," he said.

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