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    Seskoau Pasis A-56 Holds the First Symposium Also Involves the State Base

    Penseskoau, 56th Student Officer held the First Symposium entitled "The Indonesian Air Force's Role to hold Air Operations in the context of Military Operations for war" also involving Pasis Manca Negara taking place at the Srutasala building in the Seskoau Lembang campus on Thursday (4/4). The symposium was opened directly by Danseskoau Marsda TNI Donny Ermawan, T, .M.D.S. Besides being attended by Wadan Seskoau Marsma TNI Jemi Trisonjaya, M. Tr. (Han) also attended by officials at the level of Directors, Kapus Oyu, Kadep, Dankorsis, Lecturers, Patrons and other Officers. While. This symposium activity is one of the educational materials of the A-56 Seskoau Pasis under the auspices of the Operations Department led by Nav Colonel. Irman Fathurahman, S.E ,. M.M.

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    GEM Indonesia is Ready to Support Government Programs through the SE-ASEAN Greatest Green Technology Exhibition

    Indonesia is a tropical and agrarian country that greatly supports the development of new renewable energy. In fact, Indonesia can produce 444 thousand MW of renewable energy. However, the use of solar panels is still not optimal, only reaching 78.5 MW of 208 MW produced by solar energy. Seeing this, the 35,000 MW program and electrification in disadvantaged areas are still a concern of the government.

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