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    Food Diversification has not Been Maximized



    BANDUNG-food diversification that have been implemented by the government to date has not been maximized. The fact that netted from research in three ecological zones of West Java, in some districts, namely: Cirebon, Garut, Purwakarta, Cianjur and Sukabumi, food policy remains focused on rice, corn and soybeans. On the other hand, it still happens inequality rice consumption and food consumption alternatives.

    Under these conditions, there needs to be a fundamental change, in the form of a specific policy of diversification based on local resources. This was disclosed Agriculture Commission member House of Representatives, Herman E. Khaeron in a trial sale Doctorate in Unpad, Thursday (21/7).

    Herman, further explained, based on the research results obtained lapiran consumption patterns belonging to diverse and high category, good food source of carbohydrate or protein by 68.89 percent. Average high food consumption was not yet reflect the diversification of food as it can on rice and instant noodles.

    Another thing that is found in the study, continued Herman, namely the production and distribution of food communities pattern is also considered not to support food diversification.

    For community-level food security low category in terms of the availability and utilization of food, but relatively high in terms kesesuaan and affordability of food. In response, need to be developed various models of food diversification.

    For diversification, said Herman, must be based on a humanist approach and collaborative, participatory and integrated among all relevant elements.

    The development strategy of diversification needs to be done in a sustainable manner. It is to be implemented, said Herman, through the adoption of a community-based investment diversification, multi-helix model of approach, system approach integrated agribusiness, food innovation and food institutions. (NR)

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