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    The 489 Anniversary, Aher Asks Indramayu Prioritize Three Things


    INDRAMAYU-Today, October 7 2016 Indramayu regency reached the age of 489 years. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) that comes with the Indramayu Regent Anna Sophanah on the special plenary meeting Regency Indramayu in commemorating the anniversary, requested that the Government of Indramayu Regency prioritize three key development that should be done in order to make Indramayu increasingly competitive in the region of West Java, national and global markets.

    Three priorities which Aher means are, optimizing the quality of education in order to produce a superior human resources. Second, the implementation of spatial and territories that prioritizes environmental support with the balance of the ecosystem-based development. Then maintain the purchasing power of the community and continues to support the real sector in order to keep moving through policies conducive to increased investment, especially in infrastructure and ease of licensing.

    "Priority was only made possible by conduciveness and stability of the region, therefore all elements of society must have a role and a responsibility for creating it," said Aher at the Special Council Meeting Indramayu, Friday (07/10).

    Synergies between Indramayu regency as the prime mover wheels of government and parliament as the voice of the people must also be increased. Thus supporting the accelerated development and political stability of the region.

    "The private sector and civil society organizations should also be able to position themselves as a strategic partner Indramayu regency," he said.

    West Java provincial government said Aher, also will not remain silent to advance the area of Indramayu, one of them with the construction of infrastructure facilities in the region of Cirebon - Indramayu - Majalengka - Kuningan (Ciayumajakuning).

    Judging from the achievements of the Human Development Index (HDI), based on data from BPS 2015, Indramayu regency reached 64.36 point or below the average area of West Java, which reached 69.50 points.

    "Therefore, in this moment I'm endeavor of all the organizers of the government in improving the HDI," said Aher.

    Indramayu Regency is an area with tremendous potential. In terms of natural resources lowland rice fields reached 55.61% of the total land area of Indramayu. No wonder when Indramayu become one of the national rice supplier. Flagship products include mango plantations, sugar cane, coffee, coconut and cashew. Then as the coastal areas, is supported by many fish farms, is now known as a regional Indramayu fish mainstay of West Java. Not only that, the mining wealth into a valuable asset for Indramayu Regency.

    In terms of human resources, community character Indramayu known persistent and creative and also entrepreneurial. As a result, a variety of local products are now widely known, not only in West Java even national level, including the culinary field such as crackers and fish processed foods, blacksmith craft and Batik Indramayu.

    Armed with the magnitude of its potential, Indramayu regency is important area in Indonesia, especially in the context of development in the eastern part of West Java.

    Regent Indramayu Anna Sophanah revealed, entered the age of 489, she and her staff are optimistic to solidify her position as one of the autonomous region has competitiveness and bargaining power that counts in West Java and even national.

    "With this warning I am confident and more motivated to further work in order to build a better Indramayu," said Anna.

    The theme of 489th anniversary of Indramayu is "Succeeding Rural Development, Indramayu Towards Youth".

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