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    DGCI Bandung Raya Commemorates The 2nd Anniversary


    BANDUNG-user and lover community and lovers Datsun as Bandung Raya Nusantara, Datsun Go Community Indonesia (DGCI) Chapter Bandung Raya joy. Today, October 25, 2016, chapter DGCI fattest in this archipelago right second birthday. Two days earlier, October 23, 2016, 2nd perayakan Anniversary DGCI Bandung Raya festive in the Forest Park neighborhood (Tahura) Juanda, Dago Pakar, Bandung. The rain area The conservation since the early days did not dampen the spirit of the risers, Datsun user designation, to celebrate togetherness in the northern region The Bandung.

    Recorded no less than 300 people attended the event which was held in The Plaza Ir Juanda. Besides risers from Flower City, the annual anniversary also attended by no less than 50 risers coming from Purwakarta Chapter, Indramayu, Garut, Tasikmalaya, and other areas in West Java. The committee recorded no less than 100 Datsun Go / Go + cars entering the main gate and side gate of Tahura Juanda. Naturally, if then every corner of the park and forest park and the main street crammed by Datsun. Tahura becomes a sea of Datsun.

    For DGCI Bandung Raya, celebrating a anniversary is basically a way of celebrating the friendship and brotherhood. Birthday celebration of DGCI is an expression of gratitude for Bandung Raya Datsun risers big family. Even so, the celebration is not debauchery. The celebration is momentum to spur creativity while sharing concern for the community and environment.

    "The celebration of the second anniversary of DGCI Bandung Raya is designed as a space for Datsun risers big family gathered, including children. The series of anniversary activities as much as possible to spur creativity and foster togetherness and build awareness. This series into sharing the joy, creativity, and care. This is in accordance with the theme this anniversary: fun, creative, care, "said Najip Hendra SP, DGCI Bandung Raya Chairman of Second Anniversary Committee.

    In line with this theme, said Najip, a series of anniversary events always involve all big families DGCI Bandung Raya risers. Some of these activities include city touring, family gathering, various competitions of children, and tree planting. Tucked in between a series of events is the launch of DGCI Bandung Raya song (official song) created by one member of DGCI Bandung Raya, Ardhi Sulistianto or better known as Ardhi Venenosa.

    More than just symbolic, tree planting carried out directly by the risers from Blok Cibitung area, one of glazed wings in West Tahura. It was attended by among others President of DGCI Mulya, VPC Bandung Raya Adhie Fardianto, the VPC chapter that day was present in Tahura, the DGCI advisory Bandung Raya, and a number of sponsor representatives.

    "Trees planted in a forest park in West Java is native species. For example Sampolai, Kalpanax, Ki Sireum, Loa, Lengkeng, Cinnamon, and etc. We hope this tree planting was clear evidence of The Datsun Risers concern to the preservation of the environment, "said Najip.

    "At the peak of the celebrations we also want to share happiness with other community and the partners who have been active in establishing cooperation with us. The enthusiasm of the participants are outstanding. Whereas we estimate will only be followed by no less than 200 people before, in fact It is followed by no less than 300 people. Another chapter is also very enthusiastic. In fact, Chapter Purwakarta specifically convoy as many as 22 vehicles to attend DGCI Bandung Raya anniversary, "Najip added.

    After celebrating togetherness in Tahura, dozens of risers closed a series of DGCI Bandung Raya anniversary with a convoy to the complex of Gedung Sate in the center of the Flower City. More than just a vehicle parked on the field of Gedung Sate, the risers also have the opportunity to climb the main peak of Gedung Sate. From the height of the art deco Netherlands heritage building, the risers can enjoy the atmosphere of the city began to dim waiting for the night. The lights that lit up stiff resistance to give the sensation separately in enjoying the atmosphere of the city.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Chapter DGCI Bandung Raya Adhie Fardianto explained, DGCI was born not long after the Datsun release in the archipelago, precisely on September 13, 2014. DGCI presents as association designed to collect and coordinate the owners, users, and Datsun lovers in promoting and developing the knowledge and creativity of the members relate to technical or general knowledge of the automotive world.

    In addition, the DGCI is a space to share information and knowledge in maintain, modify, repair, and driving Datsun as well as increasing appreciation to the characteristics of the Datsun. Therefore, DGCI continues to participate in creating a climate of discipline and traffic rules. Thus, losses and accidents between road users and the environment can be avoided as far as possible.

    "Datsun reborn is not solely fantastic in terms of sales. Its presence also successfully raise the risers, called the Datsun user, to come together in a community. In two years, the number of members DGCI associations reach no less than 3,000 people. These members scattered in various cities in the country. Special DGCI Chapter Bandung Raya, now registered no less than 200 members, "said Adhie.

    Adhie previously successful in the birth of two other chapters in West Java explains, DGCI that carries the values of family, brotherhood and togetherness (KPK) is the main attraction for Datsun and those users who are looking for references dream car. With the communion were actually the Datsun risers establish new families and relatives through a typical togetherness and natural. DGCI also actively portray itself as a liaison bridge between the risers and the principal or sole agent (ATPM) Datsun.

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