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    Bandung City Submits Again Culture Award


    BANDUNG-Bandung City Government for the 11th time handing Culture Award to the figures and institutions that have been contributed to the cultural development of Bandung City. Bandung City Cultural Awards Night 2016 held at Panghegar Hotel, Thursday night (29/12).

    "We wanted Bandung City still having Sundanese culture identity that can be felt by the citizens and noncitizens" said Mayor Bandung Ridwan Kamil in his speech.

    The cultural identity is one of them can be seen from the work of their artists and cultural.

    "They really deserve this award because of his diligence and consistency in their field" said Kang Emil.

    In 2016 Bandung city government selected 15 people to receive the Cultural Award, of which there is also a form of institutions and organizations. The Culture Award recipients are Acil Bimbo, Hari Pocang, Rudi Jamil, Setiawan Sabana, Cece Hidayat Padmadinata, Daya Mahasiswa Sunda, Studio NuArt, Enip Sukanda, Forum Kabaret Bandung, Toneel Bandung, Asep Salahudin, Wawan Hendrawan, Heritage Buildings Tampomas Street No. 9, Karno Kartadibrata and Walhi.

    Each recipients get Culture Award plaques, certificates and cash amounting to Rp 15 million. (Even)

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