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    Loan Regulation to Privates Sectors Has Been Released


    BANDUNG - Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil claimed the regulation that allow cities or counties to establish a partnership for city development through private funds, from Financial Ministry has already released.

    "Bandung is equipped with local regulations named multiyear which means guaranteeing the payment form regional budget (APBD) for the long term development projects," he said.

    According to Ridwan Kamil, two combinations of legal protection from the centre and area will be a positive experiment in Bandung in the next year.

    "We have asked the Head of Bina Marga and Irrigation (DBMP) to write how many flyovers, underpasses, and lakes that would be worked by private sector," he said.

    He hoped with this rule within three years of development in Bandung can be fast and not always hampered of the limited budget funds.

    "Bandung has prepared PPP working unit as a door charge of all PPP with BTO concept," he said.

    He admitted, it's been a lot of investors who want to invest in Bandung, both from local and foreign like Spain, Singapore, Shanghai, Malaysia.

    "For the first PPP project are infrastructure, schools, and health in 2016 is in the list and will be sealed," he added.

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