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    PON’s Venue In Pangandaran Ready to Used


    PANGANDARAN-Venue National Sports Week (PON) XIX in Pangandaran Regency relative is ready to used.

    The two locations are skydiving arena in Nusawiru and horse racing of Legok Jawa, both in December 2015 will be projected to be 100 percent and 90 percent.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the construction of the horse racing is almost 80 percent early December and is expected to approach 90 percent by the end of this month.

    "Plan on December 27th, it will actually held horse racing qualification. Therefore, for the race itself can be completed within the next 20 days, the remaining infrastructure development will be completed next year," he said after visiting the Horse Racing Legok Jawa, Tuesday (1 / 12).

    Regent of Pangandaran Daud Ahmad said this arena is internationally qualified with 11.5 hectares of land.

    "In the construction process, we even have to blow up two limestone hills that block the track. We targeted road improvements to this arena in early next year. Likewise for the construction of stands and stables," he said.

    Aher said this construction worth of Rp 20 billion can be more quickly if the budget process is completed. Currently the regional budget 2016 has been completed in West Java province but has not ratified by Pangandaran Regency, so it still requires budget adjustments.

    "We will accelerate this by asking the opinion of BPKP and LKPP to anticipate that situation. Hopefully it would allow Pangandaran to use funds from provinces that have been approved," he continued.

    "Anyway we are targeting so that at latest on June 30 has been ready both in arena and also the facilities, like also the next tourist area also prepared in order to attract the visitors," he said.

    Meanwhile, the venue of skydiving in Nusawiru even targeted to be settled 100% at the end of this month. Therefore, the improvement is merely enhance infrastructures.



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