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    Regional Secretary: Solve Problems in Regions that will Hold Elections Immediately


    BANDUNG-Regional Secretary of West Java, Iwa Karniwa, ordered the municipalities of Cimahi, Tasikmalaya and Bekasi that will hold simultaneous elections in 2017 to solve problems before the elections.

    Iwa Karniwa emphasized the matter in 2017 simultaneous elections preparation meeting of those regions with regional secretaries of Cimahi, Tasikmalaya, and Bekasi at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Friday (20/1/17).

    The meeting discussed from the logistical preparation to the recent security condition of those regions.

    "From the meeting we can say that each region has each own problems that have to be solved immediately," said Iwa.

    First, in the region of Bekasi, it has 118.287 voters that still do not have e-KTP (electronic identity card). Due to the matter, Iwa ordered the municipalities of Bekasi to strictly monitor the matter before the elections.

    "Regional secretary of Bekasi has already ordered the heads of subdistcricts in Bekasi to be proactive in serving e-KTP to the citizens," Iwa added.

    Moreover, in Bekasi the substitution process of two members of Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) of Bekasi is not completed yet. Two members of DPRD who run for the 2017 elections are Abdul Kholid (PKB) and Iin Panihin (PBB), and only Abdul who has been subtituted.

    "Iin hasn't been substituted, in this meeting we also urge to complete the substitution process immediately," Iwa said.

    Meanwhile, according to Iwa that there is no problem regarding the 375.722 voters in Cimahi. The only problem in Cimahi is that Atty Suharti (incumbent mayor) who run for 2017 elections filed for her leave from campaign in 11th of February and according to law she has to serve as Mayor of Cimahi again.

    "We have to anticipate this matter. Atty was arrested and detained so she cannot serve as Mayor again. However, power vacuum cannot be happened, so the caretaker government of Cimahi which is the Deputy Mayor will be extended. The matter will be discussed further." Iwa said.

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