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    Best Western Explored 'Pecinan' (Chinatown) in Bandung


    BANDUNG- Ahead of Chinese new year or well known as 'Imlek', Best Western Hotel invited some communities to explore the trace of Chinatown in Bandung city, Tuesday (24/1). Accompanied by Aleut community, they explored the trace of Chinatown along Bandung square, Alkateri Street, Banceuy, ABC, 'Pasar Baru' to Kelenteng in Kelenteng Street in Sudirman Bandung.

    "We want to feel the nostalgia and introduce the trace of Tionghoa ethnicity in the development of Bandung since the era of Dutch colonization, that some of them also took a part in history of this city development" said Adventa, a spokesperson of Best Western Hotel.

    According to Arya Vidya Utama, the coordinator of Aleut community, the trace of Tionghoa in Bandung is still present today, especially in trading.

    "For example, Purnama coffee shop that was established in the era of Dutch colonization, still exists today. As well as 'Kopi Aroma' in Banceuy, and traditional drug store of Babah Kuya at Pasar Baru" he added.

    This includes several historical buildings of Tionghoa which are still maintained until today, like Surabaya Hotel whose name has been changed while the building has been renovated. This building was firstly owned by a Tionghoa businessman. (Pun)


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