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    N219 is Reliable in a Remote Area


    BANDUNG - The CEO of Indonesian Aerospace Inc, (PTDI) Budi Santoso said that the production N219 was purely worked by our children, from the design until the production. N219 was surely be a realible aircraft in Indonesia to unite a remote area all over islands in Indonesia.

    N219 was a new aircraft that in the previously it was only a design on a piece of paper. The construction of N219 prototype was the most important part to construct an aircraft since the implementation of the design became the reference that it worked.

    There would be found some difficulties related with technical components since it was made for the first time. It could be found in detail part of manufacturing and assembly, whether it was related with the design that should be revised or tools that helped with finishing detail.

    "Every problems should be fixed in detail, not only the physical product but also supported document. It is common during the construction of a new aircraft prototype," he added.

    With The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of Ministry of Transportation of Republic Indonesia, the process of certification of N219 was run smoothly. The process of certification focused on anlysing design aspect, and constructing physical prototype aspect.

    "The process of certification of anlsysing design aspect, the team from Ministry of Transportation checks the document that is made by engineer team of Indonesian Aerospace Inc (PTDI) one by one. To finish one document takes several meetings," he said.

    Meanwhile in physical prototype aspect, the team from Ministry of Transportation checked the parts that would be assembly. It happens to make sure all of the parts have been suitable with the design from the engineers since there are so many document (more than 300 books/document, and more than 3,000 of technical picture and equivalent part that should be reviewed).

    "Indonesian Aerospace Inc, has built several laboratories to support many tests. The laboratories that we have built are avionic lab, electrical power system lab, hidrolic lab, and N219 simulator," he said.

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