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    Act Firlmy Illegal Charges in the Institution of Agriculture and Food


    BANDUNG - Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman said as long as he served as minister,he has discharged 164 people in the agriculture sector.

    "They are caught doing illegal charges, either at the harbor or in the agricultural environment. Revoke the position, non job mode, "he said in Unpad, Monday (15/5).

    He said not to hesitate to go down the field even to the market to know the services of public officials. If it is found then immediately dismissed from his position.

    Amran will even reward students for tractors worth Rp400 million if they are ready to report misuse of agricultural aid.

    In the dialogue with the student, a student had time to convey if when doing KKN (Community Service) in Majalengka they found a tractor who diverted. It gets serious attention from Amran.

    "Later after the event, try to know the name of the culprit. Go directly to my director. It can use SMS or record, meet. Later I give you the gift of a tractor, "he said to the audience.

    He said that also applies to the performance of district and city governments. According to him there is a trillions of rupiah budget for fertilizer subsidies. But when given it turns out that agricultural production does not increase even down, then the next year subsidies for the area revoked.

    "The President already knows and approves this step. Because what for there are trillions of rupiah subsidies, but the farm is not advanced. Yes just pull it, "he asserted. Jo

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