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    Aher: Implementation of Full Day School Policy Must Be Reviewed


    BANDUNG - Implementation of full day school policy by Education Minister needs to be comprehensively reviewed. According to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), the policy should at least consider local wisdom.

    "One of them should pay attention to non formal education such as madrasah dinniyah or religious school in mosques that are usually held in the afternoon after school children from elementary school." With full day school, it can be lost right? He said in Bandung, Saturday (17/6).

    Unless the educational content of the madrasah is at once included in the full day school policy. Another consideration according to Aher is the readiness of human resources and infrastructure in the region.

    "The infrastructure in the area is not the same, whether it is teachers or other facilities, if there is an area that can implement it, there is a totally unprepared area, and finally come back to the classical problem that education is uneven" he explained.

    Reported, Ministry of education and culture applies a full day school policy, where the school only until Friday, but every day teaching hours and the presence of students in school almost all day. (Even).

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