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    Rancaekek Free flood 2018


    BANDUNG- West Java Provincial Government ensures payment of land acquisition Cimande and Cikijing River will be done after this Lebaran. The exemption was conducted as an attempt to normalize the river to reduce the impact of Rancaekek flood.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai (BBWS) Citarum has allocated Rp 50 billion for land acquisition to normalize the river. The details, for Cieunteung Rp 33.8 billion has been paid, Rp 4.3 billion for Cikijing, and Cimande Rp 3.3 billion and Sadawarna Bend Rp 1.65 billion.

    "Especially land acquisition in Cimande and Cikijing will be handed over after Idul Fitri and on budget changes of APBN 2017. Alhamdulilah now is not flooded," said Iwa, Wednesday (28/6).

    According to Iwa, BBWS gradually carried out a serious handling in the normalization of the river that will be widened from 7 meters to 15 meters.

    They targets the flood-free Rancaekek area in 2018 but with a comprehensive effort from all parties.

    Meanwhile, it was also conducting an evaluation related to the existing condition and progress of the construction of strategic reservoir in West Java. According to him, in West Java there are eight reservoirs associated with BBWS Cimanuk-Cisanggarung, Citarum, Ciliwung Cisadane and Citanduy. (Even)

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