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    Ied Holiday, Bima re-orders street vendors and manage traffic


    BOGOR CITY-Four days after Lebaran day, Bogor Mayor Bima Arya re-monitor the condition of Bogor City by doing suddenly inspection (Sidak) with related offices. The main concern Sidak, Thursday (06/29/2017), there are four points namely congestion, street vendors (PKL), which usually has mushroomed when seasonal holiday Eid, the cleanliness of the city park and waste cleanup visual or banners at several locations.

    Sidak which starts at 11:00 am by using a pickup car. Bima who accompanied the Head of Transportation Agency (Agency) Bogor City Rakhmawati, Head of Department of Environment (DLH) Bogor City Elia staring, Secretary Board of Revenue (Bapenda) Bogor City An An Andri Hikmat and Civil Service Police Unit (municipal police) started sidaknya to Baranangsiang. There he found a small shop or street vendors in the pedestrian near the IPB Alumni Building Stop.

    Then the Mayor and his staff moved to the Anyar Market to ensure there are no street vendors selling in the street. The reason, one of the causes of congestion because the street vendors who sell to cover the road. Anyar market target group of the General Sudirman, Jalan Pemuda, Jalan Pandu Raya, Jalan Achmad Sobana, Jalan Pajajaran, Jalan Ahmad Yani to check the promotional banners, and other properties that have been timed to be cleaned.

    Entering Jalan Jalak Harupat, Bima also checks the condition of Taman Sempur and Taman Kencana.

    Then the journey continues to Jalan Suryakencana (Surken). There Bima found vendors selling in front of closed shops. There, the number one person in Bogor City had time to sit cross-legged in front of the store for street vendors no longer dare to sell. Because the area should be clean of street vendors.

    "Do not let the street vendors control areas that should be clear, like this pedestrian," he said.

    He asserted, officers Satpol PP Bogor City should routinely check the existence of street vendors and do the curbing. Because even if it has been disciplined, street vendors often return to the place after the control is complete.

    "It must be routine pengertibannya, must be swept, must be maintained and must continue down to the field," said Bima.

    Bima ensures that the control is only valid for a while because the long-term plan of City Government (City Government) Bogor in the future is to relocate the street vendors gradually into the traditional market. It is considered necessary to organize the city of Bogor so as not made slum by street vendors.

    "Later we gradually enter the street vendors, not long Yogya Surken we controlled again, then two guava markets, bogor market. Gradually we will arrange while the development inside is cleaned, "he explained.

    Sidak does not stop there, complaints from residents over traffic in Gang Aut, Sukasari delivered through Insta Live in Instagram immediately followed up Bima. He along with the ranks of Dishub organize traffic at the intersection between Sukasari, Gang Aut and Jalan Roda. Traffic arrangement is done from 14.00 WIB until 16.00 WIB. For two hours Bima did not stop traffic management due to the number of vehicles traveling through the road.

    Bima said, although the congestion that happens is common in Bogor city, but according to him it should be minimized. Especially in the atmosphere of Lebaran holidays like today where many people who go out for a vacation.

    "We anticipate by asking the officers to keep watch on the congestion points," said Bima. (Fla / indra / adit) SZ

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