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    Demiz: Now, Tourism is Income Life-Support


    BANDUNG- Now, the world of tourism becomes life-support of Indonesia's income because it continues to experience good development. Indonesia's previous major incomes from mines and plantations including palm oil tended to not grow even decrease.

    "So, the world of tourism that should be encouraged to develop because the source is not experiencing a reduction," explained West Java Deputy Governor, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) when opening the Special Congress of the Articles of Association and Bylaws(AD/ART) Association of the Indonesian Tours And Travel Agencies (Asita) at West Point Hotel Bandung, Tuesday (18/7).

    "If the mined natural resources keep on experience a reduction in volume at one time will be exhausted, but this tourism will not run out continues to grow, so it can continue to be utilized," he said.

    But on the other hand Demiz also admitted that the world of tourism in Indonesia, including in West Java has not been considered the primary claim by the society. Therefore, still need a more comprehensive awareness to the society, especially the society around the object of tourism.

    "Tourism is not just talking about the object of tourism, but also the culture of the surrounding society, then also the attention of local governments to infrastructure and others," he said.

    Special Congress of ADIT / ART Asita was held for two days in Bandung to update ADita / Asita Army to keep up with the times. (Pun)

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