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    i5hare: Aqiqah Joint For Baby Dhuafa


    BANDUNG-Yanto face shine, because 8 baby inhabitants of the Healthy Baby Orphanage Muhammadiyah that they took care has diaqiqah for free. "Thank you Rumah Aqiqah, I am very happy with this free aqiqah program, so now the babies in the orphanage can also feel aqiqah," said Yanto.

    Back then Yanto never imagined, special babies who live with him now have a name, complete with all the prayers and hair shaving procession through aqiqah. The situation began to change when Yanto was offered i5hare program, which is donation program "Aqiqah for Aqiqah" by Rumah Aqiqah, one of PT Agro Niaga Abadi brand.

    Through the program, every family who aqiqah at Rumah Aqiqah with certain package options, automatically donates to help aqiqah for orphans and dhuafa.

    "For customers there is a certain satisfaction when they worship has has value to others, and that we apply to i5hare Program; Aqiqah for Aqiqah. Those who choose Package B at Rumah Aqiqah, automatically participate in the i5hare Program. Alhamdulillah, although it has only been running for about two months, as many as 21 orphans and dhuafa have managed to get free aqiqah service," said Heru Sasongko, Director of PT Agro Niaga Abadi and initiator of i5hare Program (26/7).

    At the Muhammadiyah Healthy Orphanage itself I5hare program has been implemented in the month of Ramadan before. A total of 8 babies have got free aqiqah service through Rumah Aqiqah. The eight babies are babies who are entrusted by their parents in the orphanage or even left at the door of the orphanage.

    The i5hare program is conceived as a form of concern for babies from poor families or even those who do not have parents anymore. All aqiqah processes held in i5hare program are exactly the same as paid aqiqah packages, beneficiary families are present to the location of aqiqah implementation.

    "We prepare all aqiqah needs, from slaughtering goats to ready-to-serve food. Hopefully in the future more and more dhuafa infants get a free aqiqah opportunity through the program from Rumah Aqiqah," Heru convey his hope.

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