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    Public Awareness of Medical Device Increase


    BANDUNG-Public awareness of the use of medical devices (Alkes) is considered high. This is proved by the sale of medical devices that show an increase every year up to 10 percent.

    Advance Sales & Marketing Director, Hendra said his side is targeting in one month they can sell their products up to 1,000 units in West Java region.

    "Market share sales of the two highest of advanced units because it has the widest range of markets," he told reporters in Bandung, Monday (07/08/2017).

    Nationally, said Hendra, advanced already has 200 outlet network throughout Indonesia so that people are familiar with the product.

    While for sales in West Java, it ranks second under the capital city Jakarta.

    "Jabar sales potential is quite large but still below the sales figures in Jakarta which is currently the largest sales in Indonesia," he explained.

    The presence of Advance Alegro is expected to boost sales because it has advantages over other products. The advantages of being able to save electrical energy.

    "Precisely this energy-saving excess makes this device acceptable in society," he concluded.

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