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    Various Innovations Deliver West Java Becoming Inovated Province


    BANDUNG-In the last 9 years West Java won numerous National awards in all fields including in the field of technological innovation. According to the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) some technological innovation was awarded from the Minister of Research and Technology some time ago.

    "The first is the Patin fish cultivation technology in Subang, due to the technological engineering that we do successfully increase the number of Patin fish production, from 0.9 million per unit (one tambak area) to 27 million head per unit. Technology "he said, after becoming the apprentice of the West Java Province 72nd anniversary, in the Gasibu field Bandung, Saturday (19/8).

    Another successful technological innovation done by Aher is the cultivation of coffee plants, so West Java produces the world's best coffee.

    "If the coffee is usually only able to harvest after 3 years, West Java has been able to harvest just 11 months.In addition to quality, as well as long planting until the harvest can be accelerated, and this is of course a profit for farmers," said Aher.

    August 19 is commemorated as the anniversary of the West Java Provincial Government, and August 19, 2017 West Java is in the age of 72. (Even)

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