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    Solve Citarum Problems With Extreme Ways


    BANDUNG-The problem of the Citarum river is an extreme problem then it must be solved with an extreme way as well. This was revealed by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar in Samsat Citarum Bestari Meeting in Gedung Sate, Friday (15/9).

    "As in the area of Rancaekek, how many hectares of rice fields are now contaminated by industrial waste so that the quality of the pad also becomes bad, if it can not be prevented, then the area is also used as an industrial area, but the problem is where to move the hectares of rice fields there as a substitute ? " Demiz said.

    Then Demiz also revealed, the issue of law enforcement that must be serious and no word tired.

    "Even though the lawsuit rarely prevails in the court, it is rare to win, but do not break the charcoal, but do not try to play around in this matter, because of the impact on our generation," Demiz said.

    According to Demiz environmental culture movements in the community is also no less important existence. Therefore, West Java provincial government continues to encourage the birth of environmental conservation communities such as Eco Village is now growing in number. (Even)

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