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    Hundreds of High School Students Watch Together G30S / PKI Movie


    BANDUNG-Approximately 331 Darul Hikam High School Students conducts a movie watching (Nobar) G30S / PKI film aiming to foster the spirit of nationalism among students.

    Darul Hikam High School History teacher, Yogi Siregar said that the activities followed by classes X through XII also want to provide an understanding of the G30S / PKI film so that the students have knowledge about the history of the nation.

    "Screening of this movie, students are expected to sort out the positive and negative impacts," he told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (30/09/2017).

    Yogi expressed in addressing the current media development is expected more adult students to address the existing content in the G30S / PKI film so that it can better understand, interpret and foster the love of nationalism spirit against the nation.

    "We hope that the students can be more mature in responding to the development of all media including the booming of G30S / PKI films and can continue the ideals of the heroes," explained Yogi.

    Darul Hikam High School welcomed the re-airing of G30S / PKI film because it is considered as one of the learning vehicle for the young generation.

    Related to the controversy, Yogi mentioned that the fact of history should be reviewed if there is any doubt in the content of G30S / PKI film.

    "Of course the state in this case the government has a good intent with the screening of this movie, so we from academia appreciates steps taken by the government," he said.

    He hopes that in the future the film can be made the latest version considering the audience of the young generation who have entered the digital age.

    "I think a good new version is made to be adjusted to the age of viewers who have now entered the digital age," he concluded.

    Meanwhile, XII class student, Zara Rahmi admitted that she was the first time to watch the film. She judges the content, has a historical value of the nation so that it can cause a love of the country.

    However, Zara said, it would be better if the visual media more updated. To have a better sense of belonging to this nation.

    "So it's better to know that there had been a betrayal by the PKI, it's good to make the latest version of the movie, let it be better to watch it," he concluded. (MAT)

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