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    West Java Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission Awarded Governor Aher as Regional Head of Caring about Broadcasting


    BANDUNG-Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) of West Java again held KPID Jabar Award in this year. KPID Jabar Award held for the 10th time this, again give appreciation to the broadcasters in the area of West Java.

    One of the recipients of the award is West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) who was awarded as Regional Head of Caring about Broadcasting in West Java Area. Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) representing Aher received the award in the Award Night of KPID Jabar Award 2017 at Grand Asrilia Hotel, Pelajar Pejuang Street 45 No. 123, Bandung, Friday night (17/11/17).

    "The important thing is that this award spur creativity for the broadcasters, in order to make the program (broadcasting) better in the future, more fragrant, so that can inspire the people of West Java in particular.It can encourage people to be more intelligent," said Demiz.

    According to Demiz, Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission as the front guard in the supervision of broadcast media should be able to encourage media institutions as part of the nation's development players. Media becomes the fifth or pentahelix force after Government, Entrepreneur, Academician, and Community.

    "The media must be a great force in this nation's development step, therefore, we expect with the awarding for broadcasters in West Java in particular, the broadcasting quality of the broadcasting institutions should be good, educate the nation, especially for the people of West Java," Demiz in his statement while representing Aher received the award of the Regional Head of Caring about Broadcasting in the event of KPID Jabar Award 2017.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of West Java Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission Dedeh Fardiah West Java provincial government under the leadership of Aher always actively support the West Java Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission and broadcasting in West Java. "From the side of Local Government (West Java Provincial Government) supports West Java Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission in the middle of other areas that do not support but West Java Province - be it the Government in this case the Governor of West Java and his parliament always support broadcasting institutions that exist in West Java, "said Dedeh.

    Forms of support provided by West Java Provincial Government, continued Dedeh, such as budget and facilities in every broadcasting event in West Java, one of the KPID Jabar Award. Therefore, West Java Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission can hold the KPID Jabar Award up to ten times the implementation.

    "So it trully supports the budget- let's say the Broadcasting Commission in the Parliament (commission in charge of broadcasting in West Java Parliament) support from the budget side, while the Government (West Java Provincial Government) supports its realization.These two parties are always support us to this day compared to other regions, West Java Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission is still there and broadcasting institutions remain held, "said Dedeh.

    "And we hope to keep ahead of Local Government and West Java Parliament still support us in guarding healthy broadcasting," he concluded.

    Here is a list of the winners and the recipient of 10th KPID Jabar Award Year 2017:
    - Television Broadcasting
    1. News Television Category: RCTV Cirebon (Wewara Basa Cerbon),
    2. Featured and Documentary Television Category: Bandung TV (Geopark Ciletuh Expedition),
    3. Talkshow Television Category: I News TV Jabar (Special Report),
    4. Arts Entertainment and Local Culture Television Category: MGS TV Bogor (Already Know the Nearer),
    5. Children's Television Program Category: TVRI Bandung (Children's World),
    6. Art and Local Culture Station Network System (SSJ) Television Category: Net TV Jabar (Gamelan Degung Entertainment Para Rakyat),

    - Radio Broadcasting
    1. News Radio Category: LPPL Kuningan District (Info Kuningan),
    2. Talkshow Radio Category: PR FM Bandung (Kontroversi),
    3. Local Art and Culture Radio Category: Sindo Trijaya FM Bandung (Ngadu Bako),
    4. Children's Radio Program Categories: RRI Bandung (Pelangi Anak Nusantara),
    5. Public Service Ads (ILM) Private Radio Category: Dahlia FM Bandung (Discard Gadget For Children)
    6. Community Radio Public Service Ads Category: CBS Community Radio Cirebon (Domestic Violence),

    The awards are also given to Radio and Television Leaders who have been instrumental in broadcasting in West Java in the form of Lifetime Achiefment Award 2017, namely: H. Kuswadijaya Jamhari or Mang Jaya (West Java Radio Characterist) and Hj. Popong Otje Djunjunan or Ceu Popong (West Java TV Personality).

    In addition to Aher, the head of the region who was awarded as Head of Broadcasting Concerned Region, namely Regent Kuningan Acep Purnama, and West Java Provincial Parliament as the Parliament Caring Broadcasting in West Java.

    There are 536 broadcasters throughout West Java. While the number of works that go into the committee and worthy of assessment there are 124 radio broadcasts and 53 television broadcast works. The works are valued at 70% by the Independent Jury, such as Atie Rahmatie, Obsatar Sinaga (KPI Pusat), Harlyantara, Nursyawal, Usman Supendi. While the remaining 30% weighted value is based on the broadcasting agency's track record in applying the Broadcasting Act and Broadcasting Behavior Guidelines (P3) -Standard Broadcast Program (SPS)

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