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    Aher is Grieving by Death of Chairman of DKM Masjid Raya Bandung


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expressed his condolence over the death of Chairman of DKM Masjid Raya Bandung West Java Province, Drs. H. Tjetje Soebrata, SH., MM., Sunday (26/11/2017) afternoon.

    "Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un, may the deceased accepted his Islamic faith, his role became the role model, and the family was given patience," he said in Bali, Sunday (26/11/2017) afternoon.

    Chairman of DKM H Tjetje Soebrata died at 14:40 pm. His body was taken to funeral home Situ Cileunca Street number 19, Buahbatu, Bandung, from Borromeus Hospital. The deceased his plan is buried in Sindangwargi Cemetery, Cingcin, Soreang, Bandung regency.

    Aher said, the deceased's gait during his life, especially in prospering one of the mosques under the West Java Provincial Government, deserve to be an example.

    "Masjid Raya Bandung West Java Province is under the management of one of our regional apparatus organization, BPIC, Islamic Center Management Agency, We appreciate the deceased during his life, dedicated to Bandung Raya Mosque," he said.

    According to him, from the past until now, and especially under the command of the deceased, the mosque is always crowded even become one of the goals of guests from out of town.

    Not only that, in various international-scale state activities, such as Asia Africa Conference 2015 commemoration ago, all guests from hundreds of countries were praying Friday at this mosque with the preacher of West Java Governor itself.

    On the other hand, continued Aher, a rush of activities seen from the various majelis taklim that adorn the daily activities of the mosque that has existed since the colonial era.

    "We are grateful for his services so far, hopefully this will be an inspiration for the mosque managers everywhere, the mosque to be the center of various community activities," he concluded

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