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    HMPI West Java Level, Aher: Environmental Preservation Is Defense of Life


    SUMEDANG REGENCY-Environmental preservation is one of the development goals. In addition to reducing poverty and unemployment. Our carrying capacity to the environment needs to be continually enforced because the entire supply of human life is entirely derived from nature.
    One effort to support it West Java Provincial Government continues to exhort the spirit of planting trees to the community. Through the celebration of the Day of Planting of Indonesian Tree (HMPI) and National Planting Month (BMN) in 2017, West Java Province Level this time was planted as many as 3,050 tree trunks.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) opened the peak event of HMPI and BMN 2017 at Bukit Penenjoan Jatigede Reservoir area, Jema Village, Jatigede Subdistrict, Sumedang Regency, Tuesday (27/11/17). Aher also called for the planting of trees is done not just for the preservation of the environment, but also for the defense of life.
    "Preserving the environment is not just a duty but preserving the environment is a life defense," Aher said in remarks.
    Aher invites the community to build collective awareness as a nation so that the environment can be well preserved and environmental problems can be solved. According to Aher, a great nation is a nation that can maintain its environment well, because then the forest environment, water, food, and various other life supplies will be saved.
    However, Aher also invites people to use nature as it should. Forest areas that must be preserved can provide benefits to avoid floods that are always a problem in the downstream area. "Do not tell the flood completed in the downstream area, do not tell clean water to the Bekasi and Jakarta areas well without the preservation of forests in the upstream," said Aher.
    In addition, forests are also useful as air purifiers, water hydrology downstream, food supply, and so on. "But do not let the spirit to grow rice or to increase rice production, so the forest was made entirely. Not the problem, please plant rice but in flat forests, but if in the sloping forest do not be the same rice. The slant of planting coffee or other plants that function to produce food but also as conservation, "he explained.
    Tree planting is expected to be sustainable, so that other functions as disaster mitigation. For this purpose, tree planting aims to educate, increase public awareness about the importance of planting and maintaining trees. Until now, the Government of West Java Province continues to encourage the movement of this tree planting. Since 2016 as many as 34 million tree trunks have been planted in various districts / cities in West Java.
    After the opening ceremony, Governor Aher who was accompanied by Pangdan III / Siliwangi Mayjen TNI Doni Mordano and Deputy West Java Police Chief Brig. Supratman Police had the opportunity to plant trees. Aher planted the Gandaria tree (Bouea MacroPhylla), while Major General Doni Mordano and Brigadier General Supratman planted Kepel tree (Stelechocarpus Burahol).
    On this occasion, Aher also submitted several awards. The award recipients received appreciation in the form of award certificates and coaching money. The following categories and recipients of HMPI and BMN 2017 award West Java Provincial Level:
    A. Submission of Regent and Mayor Performance that Conducts the Most Cultivation Year 2016:
    1. Performance Categories of Regent
    Rank I Regent Tasikmalaya
    Ranked II Garut Regent
    Rank III Cianjur Regent
    2. Mayor Performance Category
    Ranked I Mayor of Tasikmalaya
    Ranked II of Banjar Mayor
    Rank III Bandung Mayor
    B. Winner Award Wana Lestrai Competition West Java Provincial Level Year 2017:
    1. Extension of Forestry Extension Category
    Rank I BPHW V
    Ranked II BPHW II
    2. Non-Governmental Extension Counseling Category (PKSM)
    Ranked I Village of Sand Buncir, District Caringin, Bogor Regency
    Ranked II Village Cipeujeuh Kulon, District Lemah Abang, Cirebon
    Ranked III of Mandalawangi Village, Salopam District, Tasikmalaya Regency
    3. Category of Forest Farmers Group (KTH)
    Rank I Kampung Karangsong, Village Karangsong, District Indramayu, Indramayu District
    Rank II Kampung Kutatengah, Village Kutajaya, District Cicurug, Sukabumi District
    Rank III Kampung Cipadali, Cikalong Village, District Cikalong Wetan, West Bandung regency
    4. Natural Conservation Cadre Category (KKA)
    Rank I Maleber Village, District Ciamis, Ciamis District
    Ranked II of Jatisari Village, District of Karang Pawitan, Garut Regency
    Ranked III of Curug Rendeng Village, Kecamatan Jalan Gagak, Subang Regency
    5. Nature Group of Nature Lovers (KPA) 
    Ranking I Community Care Environment Environmental 
    Rangked II Belantara 
    Rangked III Canopy
    6. Categories of Villages Forest Care 
    Rank I Kiarasari Village, Sukajaya Sub-district, Bogor District 
    Ranked II Karangsog Village, Indramayu Sub-district, Indramayu District 
    Ranked III Bojong Village, Parigi Sub-district, Pangandaran Regency. 
    7. Small Category Planting Adult Harvesting (KMDM) 
    Rank I SD Negeri 1 Cikupang 
    Rank II SD Negeri 3 Gembor
    8. Category of Sengon Tree Contest
    Rank I Kubangsari Village RT 4 RW 4 Kubangsari Village, Cikalong Sub-district, Tasikmalaya District 
    Ranked II Cikareo RT 4 RW 3 Village Panumbangan Village, Jambang Tengah Sub-District, Sukabumi District 
    Rangked III Block Bakom RT 4 RW 3 Greged Village, Greged Sub-district, Cirebon Regency 

    The Governor Aher also provides timber tree seedlings to students, Farmers, and Regents and Mayors (Rank I, II, and III). 

    Restore Citarum Remains Fragrant 
    In the event of HMPI and BMN Year 2017 West Java Provincial Level, Aher encourage various parties including the community continue to pay attention to the sustainability of the river environment. Tree planting as part of forest and watershed conservation should be a joint and thorough work to realize people's prosperity through the conservation of nature. In accordance with the theme of HMPI and BMN this year "Working Together: Enriching the People, Preserve Nature". 

    "Although we have a lot of fresh water, the water is polluted when it flows from upstream - downstream - downstream. That's our problem. Therefore we will be managing with great care work together to prosper the people preserve nature. We will start again with his name Restore Citarum Remains Fragrant, "said Aher. 

    Through the program "Restore Citarum Remains Fragrant", Aher expected this nation is not inferior to other nations. "If now Citarum is still dirty then Insha Allah Citarum will be clean as big rivers in the world," hope Aher. 

    The Indonesia Army also fully supports the program "Restore Citarum Remains Fragrant" is. However, Pangdam III / Siliwangi Mayjen TNI Doni Monardo wants the Indonesia Army to be involved more, not just as a waste cleaner. 

    "TNI should not only be given a portion as a waste cleaner. Unfortunately his energy, his energy, his strategy in managing the environment is only to arrange the garbage, "said Doni. 

    Doni hopes that in the future there will be a better structural change in one unity of command. "Let's say the central controller is one of the Coordinating Ministry then in West Java the governor's leadership. Where we will be in one command, so Mr. Governor who has strong authority to organize it all. There are many components of institutions that must comply with the Governor's decision, "Doni added. 

    "There is also later in our field Indonesia Army is ready to support the full desire of the Provincial Government of West Java and also the Central Government," he concluded.

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