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    Ida: Create a Tourism Society


    BANDUNG- Increasing the number of tourists coming to a place, not only determined by the goodness or object of the destination in that place. This was stated by Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java, Ida Hernida.

    Ida expects, people in the tourist area must also be more familiar to tourists who come and not take advantage of their arrival in ways that are not good done to make a profit.

    "The economic actors must run immediately, especially the public must be a tourism society, come friendly guests, we sometimes" ignore "sometimes" mangpang-meungpeung "," he said.

    According to Ida, if the behavior and condition of society is not "care" to the environment of the tourism object, including to the tourists who come, it will be very difficult to make those who come get a good impression after coming to the tourism object.

    "If the condition of such society will be difficult for me to make our society become a tourism society," said Ida to www.jabarprov.go.id. (Parno)

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