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    Vice Chief of Indonesia Police: West Java Ulema Security is Guaranteed


    BANDUNG, Vice Chief of Indonesia Police, Komjen Pol Syafruddin visited Al-Hidayah Islamic Boarding School, in Santiong Village, RT 004/001, Cicalengka Kulon Village, Cicalengka District, Bandung Regency. Vice Chief of Indonesia Police met directly with the boarding school leader KH Umar Basyri.

    Syafruddin said his goal visited the Islamic boarding school in order to ensure the situation, from opinions that are developing now. "We want to ensure the security conditions of the scholars of opinion that develop into public opinion at this time," said Syafruddin told reporters on Wednesday (21/2/2018)

    Syafruddin mentioned the mirror of the beating of KH. Umar Basyri, there are two things that are noted, namely the handling of the police quickly, and continue to supervise the opinions that develop. It also continues to monitor and monitor the current situation.

    According to him, scholars should be kept and secured because of its great contribution to the country. Therefore, the Police continue to work together with religious leaders and scholars in Indonesia. "The state guarantees the stability of the security of the ulema," Syafruddin said

    Meanwhile, for the jurisdiction of West Java, the Police has made an effort by ordering the entire police force to guard the ulama, religious leaders, all places of worship and other public places.

    "Police have done this by forming a task force (task force) whose purpose is to strengthen the territoriality," said the former of South Kalimantan Chief Police.

    On the other hand, said Vice Chief of Indonesia Police, for the motive of the act of mistreatment of the scholars who allegedly committed psychiatric disorders. On the incident, the police will be revealed to the roots.

    "I ordered to disclose the case, did not see the perpetrator of the person's mental disorder, but had to be investigated deeply," he concluded

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