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    TB Cases Reach 9.6 Thousand, Public Health Center in Bandung Serve Tuberculosis Patients


    BANDUNG- Bandung City Health Office ensures all Public Health Centers (Puskesmas) in Bandung can serve and treat patients tuberulosis (TB). This was stated by Head of Health Office of Bandung, Rita Verita on the World Tuberculosis Day (TBC) Day in Bandung City at Bandung City Hall, Wednesday (28/03).

    "With the treatment of TBC in every Public Health Center so that people affected by the disease do not have difficult to find a place of treatment, just to the nearest health center or to the hospital," he said.

    According to Rita, TB treatment is done through DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course) method, which is direct supervision of short-term treatment, with the aim of ensuring recovery for patients, preventing transmission, preventing drug resistance, preventing drop out and immediately overcoming drug side effects arise.

    "With the DOTS method is expected to reduce morbidity and mortality due to tuberculosis in the world, especially in Bandung," he said.

    Rita said the DOTS method is a program of the central government and is sufficiently significant for the treatment of tuberculosis cases because people suffering from tuberculosis will be easy to get treatment so it will not complicate the patient.

    "DOTS is a central government program that for treatment with this method can be dropped from the center, so it will not be difficult, all the available health care facilities well," he explained.

    Bandung Health Department recorded at this time in Bandung there are as many as 9.632 cases of tuberculosis (tuberculosis) with reported cases as many as 399 per 100,000 population.

    Chief Medical Officer of Bandung City Rita Verita said from the number of cases until now only about 80 percent who have received intensive treatment, so it still must coordinate for all patients get health care.

    "Currently only 80% of what should be 90%, so less 10% more and we have to pursue it We are coordinating with other service facilities to achieve this target," he said.

    According to Rita, there are several factors that cause tuberculosis disease, including environmental factors in densely populated areas, improper recording, house fentilasi and lighting less so as to cause moisture.

    "Not only the body is fit and good body resistance, but the environment must also be clean," said Rita.

    Rita explains TB not only attacks lung organ only, but can also attack bone, intestines and other digestion and this case can occur to children to adults.

    "So not only children only, adults can also get TB. It must be remembered by us, not only the limbs of the lungs, but other organs can be affected by tuberculosis, "he said. (Parno)

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