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    Acting Governor: No Specific Purpose In addition to Serving the Conditions


    BANDUNG - Acting West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan attended regular recitation of echelon officials in West Java Provincial Government. This is the first time for Iriawan face to face with all the Echelon Officers in West Java.

    The routine recitation took place after Shubuh prayers in congregation at Al Muttaqin Mosque Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street Bandung, Monday morning (25/6/28). On this occasion, Iriawan requested that all echelon officials be compact and be able to support them in their work.

    "This is the first time for me (met all the echelon officials of West Java Provincial Government) after I was inaugurated as Acting Governor of West Java by the Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) on behalf of the President," said Iriawan in his direction while attending regular recitation.

    Iriawan said that he has no specific purpose in the West Java Provincial Government today. Being acting governor is the trust given by the state to him.

    "Let us work together in this West Java Provincial Government I am here (Provincial Government of West Java) there is no other purpose, I am no burden, I have no strings attached to anyone," said Iriawan.

    The man said that better known as Kang Iwan Bule, he wanted to take a short time during the Acting Governor of West Java maximally. Iriawan wants his existence in West Java to benefit the community.

    For that, Iriawan asked all officials in West Java Provincial Government compact and can support it in work. "I want this short time (during my Gub.) That I work for the benefit of the people of West Java in all sectors, because I can not work alone, supported by all the officials," said Iriawan.

    "Pray for me, hopefully in this trust I can and be given blessings, success, then there is no obstacle We must always compact father / mother officials, we are big family of West Java Provincial Government," he pleaded.

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