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    General Election Commission: Lack of Thousands of Form C Can Be Overcome


    BANDUNG - West Java Election Commission (KPU) revealed still lacking 3,000 form C. Production included in one of the logistics for voting was constrained due to Eid holiday.

    This was conveyed by KPU Commissioner Endun Abdul Haq when met on the sidelines of the coordination meeting of the election desk at Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Monday (25/6/2018).

    "That morning (still less) three thousand (form C) .The time of the holiday during Idul Fitri, so the rest of their holiday breaks," he explained.

    However, Endun is optimistic that the problem will not be solved. The reason, every hour, the production machine can produce about a thousand pieces. While other logistics, such as TPS fittings, ink, seals, holograms or covers are no problem.

    "All logistics has been distributed optimally in the election day on 27 June," he explained.

    He explained that the total of C-forms required is 74,924 sheets according to the number of TPS.

    "Hopefully tonight has been distributed to the district / city," he added.

    In the same place, West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa targets public participation in the 2018 Gubernatorial election above 70 percent. For that, one of the important points that continue to be discussed in every meeting is related to the socialization of the importance of channeling citizens' voting rights. (even)

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