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    Government Will Relocate Industry in Citarum Watershed


    BANDUNG-The government plans to relocate a number of companies operating in the Citarum River Basin (DAS). This is so that the disposal of factory waste is concentrated in one place so that it no longer pollutes the Citarum river.

    Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan expressed the plan during an audience with business actors in order to support the acceleration of pollution control and damage to the Citarum watershed, at the Hilton Bandung Hotel, Wednesday (08/01/2018).

    "We are also considering the possibility of relocating some industries to a safer place for waste disposal," Luhut said.

    For the transfer location, said Luhut, it was coordinating with the West Java Provincial Government and submitting it fully to the Governor of West Java for location determination. Possible locations will be in areas that are not densely populated.

    According to Luhut, Citarum watershed along 300 km, there are 3000 more small to large industries that stand on the edge of the river. Since the Citarum Harum program was rolled out, there have been many companies that disposed of waste directly into the river without going through WWTPs that have been acted on by the Task Force commanded by the Governor through the Regional Commander III Siliwangi.

    "I am appreciate for the Governor, Commander, Chief of Police, Kajati and all the compact parties handle this once," said Luhut.

    Although the number of waste disposal plants into the Citarum river has been reduced, Luhut still asks all parties to work hard to restore the clean Citarum back without waste.

    "There has been progressed though we are not satisfied, create a combined wastewater treatment plant (IPAL) and relocation," he said.

    In the hearing which was attended also by former Pangdam III Siliwangi who is now Secretary General of Wantanas Lt. Gen. Doni Monardo, West Java Police Chief and Commander III Siliwangi, Luhut said that in addition to damaging the environment, if factory waste is consumed by humans will also cause stunting or stunt.

    "340 thousand tons of industrial waste that enters the Citarum, this is very dangerous because it can cause stunting if taken as a result, the person will not be productive and can only go to school up to high school because his intelligence decreases," he explained.

    For this reason, he will hold an audience again in the next 3 months for evaluation. Even in the evaluation, it will bring along the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) because it is alleged there are state losses on industrial processes in the Citarum watershed.

    "I will continue to monitor, the company please be serious, we will meet for another three months for evaluation and I will invite the KPK which was initiated by the Governor," explained Luhut.

    West Java Governor Mochamad Iriawan is determined to restore the condition of the Citarum river to its full extent and submit the relay to the next Governor. This can be realized if all business actors work together by complying with the rules set.

    "Citarum must be finished, are you ready company's friends? Because you guys can scent the Citarum," Iriawan told company leaders.

    Iriawan said, handling upstream and downstream of the Citarum river is not too difficult. Upstream, currently, reforestation has been done on deforested land. In addition, it has also provided cattle, sheep and ducks to the community around the upstream Citarum to switch from planting vegetables to farms.

    "If the upstream and downstream are not difficult, the hardest is difficult in the middle of the watershed which throws waste into the river, it is clear that we see it being dumped directly and we have acted. For the community, cattle, sheep, ducks have also been prepared," explained Iriawan.

    To the industry players, Iriawan asks in investing should also contribute to advance the community instead of destroying it.

    "Let's change from now, whether companies want citizens of West Java to become human cunt, stunting, do not let it happen," concluded Iriawan.

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