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    PDIP faction is Determined to Colour Development Policy


    BANDUNG – West Java’s PDIP faction was determined to colour the development in West Java.

    “As the biggest faction in the House of Representative, we have to be able to colour the development plan in West Java,” said the Vice-Chairman of PDIP faction, Dedi Hasan Bahtiar during the press conference in the PDIP faction room in West Java’s House of Representatives building, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, on Monday (29/02)
    Dedi Hasan Bahtiar also said that PDIP faction is the extended hand of political party in the provincial legislative level and it is mandatory for the faction to run the decision that has been made by the highest party’s forum. 
    “The Regional Representative Council of PDI-P in West Java has just completed the Regional Working Meeting which involves the whole party structure until the district level and has resulted in a recommendation that has to be performed, one of which must be run by PDIP faction in the House of Representative of West Java province,” he said.
    One of the recommendations produced in the First Rakerda (Regional Working Meeting) was performing political communication in order to secure, oversee and support Jokowi-JK governance periods and to boost national and regional development programmes in order to produce Indonesia which is sovereign in politics, self-sufficient in the field of economics and having strong personality in culture. 


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