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    West Java is Ready to Lift the Quality of Women Through Mother Schools


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government has a program designed to improve the quality of women, namely the school program for mothers. Given the importance of this mother schools, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil instructed the Regents and Mayors to support the construction of this women's school.

    Emil, his nickname, said that this program is a form of protecting women through education. Housewives will later attend this school for two to three months. For the curriculum to be used, Emil said it was still under discussion. According to him, this program became one of the steps to succeed the spirit of West Java Born and Inner Champion.

    "The Regent, and Mayor, please establish a women's school, school for housewives, for two to three months to strengthen family strength, economic values ??and the power to protect their children," Emil ordered the Inauguration of the TP PKK Chair and Chairman of the Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) of the City Regency, in the West Hall of the Gedung Sate in Bandung, Thursday (20/9/18).

    "One day, this success will be a harvest from a spirit of West Java champion born and inward," he continued.

    Continuing with Emil's statement, Chairman of the PKK Driving Team of West Java Province Atalia Praratya explained, this program originated from his concern about the number of mothers who dropped out of school. For Atalia, the highest level of knowledge is knowledge gained from parents themselves, such as manners, courtesy, honesty values ??and other soft skills.

    In addition, Atalia also said that mothers tend to be confused in filling their free time after taking their children to school, so that this mother's school is expected to be a solution in filling the quality time that builds the quality of West Java women.

    "The beginning of this idea is how I see a lot of mothers dropping out of school, and they don't seem to be capable enough in building a family starting from their own homes," Atalia said after the event.

    "We think it's good for these housewives to re-learn related to family resilience, how to develop the economy to be independent, and so forth. We already have various inputs, and I think this can be done, "she explained.

    Mentioned related to the target for the pilot project program, Atalia asserted that his party would make remote areas in rural areas as the main target. This is because according to her, women in urban areas are considered to be quite capable. Seen from the frequency of women in urban areas gathered to share.

    "We will try it precisely in remote areas, because it is the one who needs it the most. If in the big cities it seems to have been qualified, even they (women in urban areas) when they gather also share a lot, share, and so forth. But in the countryside it is our main target, "Atalia said.

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