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    These are 3 Ways to Emil City Branding through Public Relations


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil in the 2018 Indonesian City Government PR Summit revealed three ways to form city branding or city image through the role of PR personnel in government institutions.

    In the presence of PR officials from 200 regencies/cities throughout Indonesia, Emil the nickname of Ridwan Kamil saying, Public Relations must be very proactive in spreading good news. Print and digital mass media also become an important instrument that must be considered in the spread of the news.

    "I leave a message to Public Relation practitioners to be very proactive in spreading the good news, entering all media instruments not only conventional ones but also digital ones," said Emil, at Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung on Thursday (4/10/18).

    Then, continued Emil, Public Relations must be good at regulating the rise of bad news coming. Such as the occurrence of natural disasters in the area, accidents, droughts and infrastructure problems. The trick is to use an 8-hour theory, which is the response period of the regional head to an event.

    "Public relations must be clever to manage bad news, crises and so on with an 8-hour theory," he said.

    Furthermore, Public Relations must always motivate its regional heads for digital literacy and information. According to Emil, every information disseminated by the regional head will represent the image of the entire region.

    "I think that 3 points are the end of city branding that will emerge strongly if this Public Relations practitioner is able to neutralize the good news better, don't lose in the negative news crisis and the leader should not be clueless about Indonesia today where all citizens are digital literate," he explained .

    City branding is a strategy to form a strong positioning in the public mind like a product or service so that the city can be widely known. Various benefits will be gained by applying city branding strategies such as brand awareness, reputation and good perception of a city.

    "City branding can drive the investment climate, increase tourist visits and popularize the city in the eyes of the world," Emil said.

    For this reason, it is very important that each city / regency has a city branding strategy that is in line with the advantages, characteristics and uniqueness of each region.

    The Indonesian City Government PR event held by the City Government (City Government) of Bandung was opened by the Secretary of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Reform, Dwi Wahyu Atmaji representing the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, Syafruddin.

    The main material of the Indonesian City Government PR is to build city branding. Present as speakers included Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas,Director of Governance and Partnership for Public Communication at the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication at Selamatta Sembiring, as well as the Expert Staff of the President for Communication Adita Irawati. In addition, the Associate Industry Head of Government Public Services of Markplus Inc. Setyo Riyanto and Director of the London School of Public Relations Jakarta, Prita Kemal Gani.

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