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    Atalia Believes Children with Disabilities Can Be Independent and Confident


    BANDUNG-Head of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team, Atalia Praratya Kamil attended the 58th Milad YPAC (Foundation for the Development of Children with Disabilities) with the theme "Let's Realize the Optimization of the Role of YPAC Bandung in Establishing Disabled Persons" in Special Schools Part D YPAC Bandung City, Thursday (4/10/18).

    According to Atalia, the presence of YPAC was considered very important to indicate the existence of independence for the disabled to grow their self-confidence. So that it is expected that YPAC can encourage other organizations to participate and care for people with disabilities.

    "I toured in West Java, it turns out that there are still many children with disabilities who are stuck at home," Atalia said.

    "So what really needs to be encouraged is data collection. Because valid data  is very difficult to obtain until now, "he continued.

    So through related parties (Public Health Service, Social office, Education office) it is expected to be able to collect databases so that people with disabilities are properly recorded. So the programs and opportunities that the government will give to children with disabilities can be channeled for optimal growth and development.

    "Later, it will enter remote areas to foster and encourage parents not to be ashamed to introduce these disabled people to be encouraged as much as possible to be more independent from their current situation," he said.

    Meanwhile, YPAC Chairperson Kusnandi Rusmil said that YPAC was built because of concern for children with disabilities. Based on the Child Protection Act, it is stated that every child should not be discriminated against either normal or not. So we try what is best for normal and abnormal children to be protected.

    For children with special needs, said Kusyadi, his rights were declared by the United Nations (United Nations) at a meeting in Geneva. The participating country recognizes the rights for children with disabilities to fully enjoy their lives.

    "It means to increase dignity, confidence, active participation in the community and school services, get education and health services," he explained.

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