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    West Java Governor Will Re-Register Mining Licenses in West Bogor


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, his party would re-register mining permits that operate in the areas of Parung Panjang, Cigudeg, Rumpin and Gunung Sindur, Bogor Regency. He said this after holding a meeting with 50 representatives of mining companies in Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (04/10/2018).

    "Today I am gathering more than 50 mining entrepreneurs in the Parung Panjang, Rumpin, Cigudeg and Gunung Sindur areas that have caused many losses from the social side. So I ask them to re-register their licenses," said the Governor familiarly called Emil.

    He said, in the re-registration will be added more stringent new rules. Like every company must have the means to clean the truck. This is so that every truck that operates is clean so it does not cause pollution.

    "Later, there will be articles added such as having to have a washing pool before the truck is dispatched to be clean," he said.

    When carrying mining goods such as stones and sand, the truck body is also required to be covered so as not to fall onto the road. "The truck must be closed so that the stones are not excessive and fall, completing the driver's license, while the medium term is being discussed, namely the mine road," said Emil.

    Regarding mine-specific road options, Emil said that it was still under discussion. The special road is planned for the construction of toll roads or arterial roads but does not cross the residential pathway.

    "Whatever it is, I ask for fifty-fifty, the provincial government frees the land and the construction of the road by all companies, so the principle is fair. Business, please, but the environment is not ignored," explained Emil.

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