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    Need for Drug and Food Control Law


    BANDUNG-Indonesia Representative ensures the ratification of the Drug and Food Control Law will protect the domestic industry was drafted by Commission IX.

    Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission IX, Dede Yusuf explained, in the midst of free market competition, illegal drugs were sold online. For this reason, regulations need to be able to protect consumers and local industry players.

    "Of course online drug sales must be limited and given the rules of the game. How to prevent the circulation of illegal drugs that are tested online. What are the limitations? This is all we are formulating. Later there will be a special team in the POM to oversee the cyber context of online drug-based sales. , "he told reporters at the Scouting Park in LRE Martadinata Bandung, Sunday (07/10/2018)

    Dede Yusuf revealed one would have an impact on the implementation of the regulation, is the herbal medicine industry. According to him, if it properly arranged, he will become a very meaningful segment. It can be said as a holistic healing such as fitofarmaka, and traditional herbal medicine. However, what must be considered in the manufacturing process may not use medicinal chemicals (BKO).

    Dede stressed the ratification of the Drugs and Food Control Bill wouldn't kill the herbal medicine industry. Instead it will protect producers from the high circulation of illegal drugs.

    "If we talk about herbal medicine on an industrial scale, we must still go through the way of making good medicine or herbal medicine. Now what we have to protect here is not to happen BKO, meaning herbs with medicinal chemicals are far more dangerous," he said.

    Dede added the bill not only limited to the supervision process, including distribution as well, so it can be ascertained which party has the right to oversee the circulation of legal drugs and food in the community.

    The former Vice-Governor of West Java said before the supervision of drugs and food was carried out by the police by using the Consumer Protection Act, while the POM agency did not have it.

    "In the future this Law will be clearer about the duties and functions of each agency supervises Medicines and Food, so the function of sanctions for supervision and repression will be carried out by the National Food and Drug Administration," he said.

    Dede hopes the ratification of the regulation will be set in January 2019. "Hopefully in the end December of this year will be approved by the plenary session and will eventually become a bill agreed between the government and the Representative. This means the January 2019 Act on Drug and Food Control has been implemented," he concluded. jo

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