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    60 Percent of Drug Dealers Still Underage


    BANDUNG - Circulation of Narcotics in the West Java region is relatively high. About 60 percent of the circulation is carried out by minors who, on average, are among the new age of trial and error. For this reason, the Provincial Narcotics National Agency (BNNP) of West Java has prevented its circulation.

    "We keep this productive age. Don't ever try narcotics or even circulate it," said Head of West Java BNNP, Pol Brigadier General Sufyan Syarief, told reporters at Ponyo Restaurant Bandung on Thursday (11/08/2018).

    Sufyan revealed, in addition to prevention efforts, West Java BNNP also carried out a healing process for those who had been involved in narcotics. He said, it needs public awareness to cure the drug users.

    "It needs public awareness to bring it out, including its environment by bringing it to the National Narcotics Agency and Puskesmas to be cured. The cost of healing is borne by the state or free," he said firmly.

    Sufyan said, dealers of narcotics for underage children were caught in Subang. They receive these illicit goods from DKI Jakarta.

    Whereas in other cases, there are now many new modes of using underage couriers with patch systems, even many children are also infected with narcotics. It also needs to be watched out because it will become a social problem in the future.

    "We yesterday were in Jakarta and arrested in Subang who handed over narcotics were minors," he said.

    He considered the trigger factors for the suspects to distribute narcotics fairly complex. But specifically for courier services in general economic factors. They generally circulate in Bekasi and Tangerang areas.

    "Usually, the cost of 1 kg is paid up to Rp. 10 million. Well, if those who circulate these children we do not know how much to pay," he concluded. (Even)

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