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    West Java Provincial Revenue Target of Rp. 26.8 Trillion


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government has targets revenues in 2016 amounted to US$ 26,8 trillion. These targets enable various revenue sources will be explored.

    It thus, expressed Head of Regional Revenue Department West Java, Dadang Suharto, in a statement to jabarprov.go.id, on the sidelines of a meeting Dispenda, Monday afternoon (14/8) at the Hotel Preanger.

    According to Dadang, the reaching revenue targets of Rp.26,8 spread across multiple sources of income for regional own-source revenue (PAD), the equalisation funds as well as other legitimate regional income.

    To boost revenue, the potential for business management including assets managed by enterprises (BUMD) is also be a concern by Dispenda West Java. Along with the operation of a new enterprise (BIJB), now have being sought any opportunity that can be extracted.

    Revenue from BIJB will be obtained from building management cooperation. Determination of revenue target of Rp 26,8 trillion was increase in the realisation compared to the previous year.

    In 2015, the revenue has reached Rp 24,040 trillion. Overall revenues are obtained from the PAD of Rp 16.063 trillion, the equalisation funds Rp 2.506 trillion as well as other legitimate income areas Rp 5,469 trillion.


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