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    Ridwan Kamil Inaugurated the Greater Bandung Regional Metropolitan SPAM


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil inaugurated the Regional Water Supply System (SPAM) of the Greater Bandung Regional Metropolitan South Phase I. Special, because SPAM uses the latest technology in water management and processing.

    Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, also expressed his appreciation to various related parties who have built a clean water treatment plant which is predicted to become the first Regional SPAM in Indonesia. This SPAM uses Scada technology or Supervisory Controling Automatic Data Analysis, where the control system and distribution of both water quality and quantity are carried out remotely.

    In addition, the water treatment plant is located indoors or indoors and is done automatically because it is supported by computerization.

    "Today proudly the West Java Provincial Government inaugurated the Regional SPAM facility. One of the most sophisticated, because it uses the latest technology called Scada. Where processing is not like what used to be outdoor. Now it is indoor, computerized, and automatic," Emil said after the opening ceremony at the Bandung Metro Regional SPAM installation in Sukamaju Village, Cimaung District, Bandung Regency, Thursday (10/1/19).

    Through this Regional SPAM, it is expected to be able to increase public access to clean water to 140,000 people (28,000 house connections). Especially in Bandung City and Regency.

    "This will provide a level of service for the provision of more drinking water, which maximally fits the region, namely the southern region of Bandung Raya, both district and city (Bandung)," Emil said.

    Drinking Water Supply System in the Greater Bandung Metropolitan Area in the Southern Region is the first Regional SPAM in West Java. The water source is from the Cikalong River with a capacity of 350 liters / second which will serve the city of Bandung 200 l / second and Bandung Regency 150 l / sec. The total investment is IDR 253 billion.

    "Our pipe is designed for 700 (l / second), but because the water source is not adequate, we are only 350 (l / second). Later in phase two the pipeline will be in accordance with capacity, so that Bandung Raya can be served optimally south," said Emil.

    While the Regional SPAM is being developed in West Java, namely five Regional SPAM in the Bandung Metropolitan area and the Greater Cirebon Regional Metropolitan SPAM (Jatigede Spam) which will be built in two stages, with a total investment of Rp12 Trillion.

    "We will build the second phase, next year and also in other locations, such as in Jatigede to irrigate clean water in Ciayumajakuning, Jatiluhur towards Bekasi to Jakarta," he explained.

    This Regional SPAM clean water will be channeled by West Java BUMD, PT Tirta Gemah Ripah. Then the water will be purchased by two drinking water companies in Bandung City and Bandung Regency.

    Head of the West Java Housing and Settlement Service, Dicky Saromi, said that the benefits of Regional SPAM are to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Another benefit is to enlarge the utilization of the potential of raw water in the province and increase the attractiveness of the entry of external sources of funds (investors).

    "There is financing efficiency, so there is no need for raw water treatment systems in several places. And there is an increase in economies of scale, so that it will attract external financing (investors)," Dicky explained in his report.

    Dicky added, this Regional SPAM is energy efficient because it utilizes gravity. While wastewater treatment or Ipal also applies the latest technology, so that the waste can be used for irrigation and water supply.

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