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    Ridwan Kamil is Inaugurated as LVRI Honorary Member


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil was confirmed as an honorary member of the Indonesian Republican Legion Veterans (LVRI). The inauguration was carried out by the chairman of LVRI West Java, witnessed by the central LVRI in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, during the 62nd LVRI West Java level reception on Tuesday (01/15/19).

    After being confirmed, the Governor, who is familiarly called Emil, said that the veterans' struggle to defend the country must be remembered and appreciated by the Indonesian people today.

    "You used to take care of us, now the country will take care of you," Emil said.

    For that as an award to veterans, Emil will offer a number of programs to get involved. The first, the West Java Provincial Government will make the Elderly Entering School program, where veterans will become coaches of ceremonies in schools.

    "For veterans who are still enthusiastic, I offer two activities, first we have the Elderly program to enter school, which is to guide ceremonies to millennial children who are often confused with all the historical information that is always biased. , "he said.

    Emil explained that his party wanted to develop the village as an answer to the ideals of the opening of the 1945 Constitution that justice was the property of all the people of Indonesia. Therefore residents in the countryside must also be advanced and prosperous as in the city. One of them is through the program of one village one company.

    For this reason Emil hopes that veterans will participate in the village development supervision program.

    "We have a program in one village one company so that the villagers do not have to move to the city just to work in the company that we set up. In that context later if you want veterans to be supervisors of village development," he said.

    Later these veterans supervise village funds so that the results of the struggle are not used properly.

    "There may be a new role in this era of development. Veterans are willing to be supervisors of the results of the struggle for sweat, blood and tears. Later, we will discuss it technically with the management at the West Java level," Emil concluded.

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