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    Samsat J'Bret Service Now Can Pay Vehicle Tax Through BJB Bank Service Channel


    BANDUNG - Located at Gedung Sate, the Samsat J’bret Service Launching (West Java Samsat Ngabret). With this service, tax payments can be made through bjb.

    "Bank BJB as a National Bank that grew up in West Java and has one of the missions as a driver of the Regional Economy is committed to supporting the Government's program in increasing the optimization of tax revenues, one of which comes from Motor Vehicle Taxes," said Agus Mulyana as Director of Compliance and Risk Management who carried out the duties of President Director of Bank BJB at Gedung Sate, Bandung (28/1).

    In addition, as a working partner of the West Java Provincial Government together with the Samsat Development Team of West Java Province, it continues to make efforts to improve services and launch various service innovations to make it easier for people to pay Motor Vehicle Tax payments.

    At present there are almost 43 bank bjb Samsat Outlet points that are spread in the West Java Region to provide convenience and get closer to the West Java community who will carry out their obligations in making Motor Vehicle Tax Payments.

    The innovation was named the Samsat J’bret Service (West Java Ngabret Samsat), Samsat J’bret service was an innovation where taxpayers could now more easily make annual motor vehicle tax payments (PKB) in the West Java Regional Police's jurisdiction.

    Samsat J'bret service is a commitment of the West Java Provincial Government, specifically the West Java Provincial Revenue Agency in collaboration with bank bjb to conduct and improve excellent service to the public / taxpayers quickly, precisely, accurately, making it easier for people to pay Motor Vehicle Taxes as well as in order to optimize regional income in the case of receipt of Motor Vehicle Taxes.

    "This has a very good impact on the transparency of public transactions to support government programs, and also helps provide security and comfort for taxpayers who will conduct transactions in the Joint Office of Samsat, of course the bank will continue to provide full support to the West Java Provincial Government to develop innovation "Innovation that can provide convenience for the people of West Java, especially bank loyal customers," said Agus. jo

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