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    Emil: Industries in West Java Must High Tech Literate


    BANDUNG-Despite having very many innovations in the field of technology, West Java also remains open to exchanging innovations with other provinces, for welfare and community service.

    This was confirmed by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil after receiving the APPSI Award in Surabaya, East Java, Monday night (1/29).

    He also opened wide investments that will enter in West Java related to information technology or IT. According to him, the entry of investment in technology will increasingly provide added value to the economy of West Java. Moreover, according to Emil, high technology if applied to industries in West Java will be better.

    "Investments that provide high added value are from technology. Because 60 percent of the industry is in West Java. I will encourage industries in West Java to use high technical," he said.

    The Governor will also encourage the community to continue to increase its capacity in the field of technology. "I encourage the people of West Java to learn technology," he added.

    Meanwhile Interior Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said the award to provinces in Indonesia through the APPSI Award would motivate local governments to compete to improve services to the community through various innovations.

    "This must be a trigger for improving service to the community," he said after the APPSI Award event. Jo

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