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    Opening KTNA Gathering, Vice Governor Uu: West Java Farmers Must Be Agribusiness


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum asked farmers in West Java to produce agricultural products not only for consumption. Farmers in West Java need to change their mindset so that the resulting agricultural products can be used as fields for business or agribusiness.

    This was revealed by Vice Governor Uu when opening the Rembug Paripurna Contact Group of Mainstay Fishermen Farmers (KTNA) of West Java Province at the Lembang Agricultural Training Center, West Bandung Regency, Friday (1/2/19).

    "Independent farmers, farmers must be smart. Then the government continues to encourage farmers for agribusiness, don't assume that farmers only eat by themselves, "Uu said.

    For this reason, West Java farmers must have creativity. Creativity in utilizing existing agricultural products to have a sale value in the market. That way the farmers' income will double, so that in the end it will improve the welfare of the farmers themselves.

    "Do not let the farmers think that the original paddy is enough for one season, so they do not think for business, do not think to be sold, do not think to get money, finally they do not have the creativity to add results," said Uu.

    "Therefore, I hope to change the farmers' mindset - whose part? That's part or task of KTNA, "he continued.

    Rembug Paripurna KTNA West Java this time took the theme: "Increasing Leadership and Independence of Farmers". Rembug was held for two days, starting 1-2 February 2018. The agenda of the meeting was to elect the chairman and board of the KTNA West Java Province for the period 2019-2024.

    Uu hoped that the new leader of the West Java KTNA would have broad insight. Besides that, it does not prioritize personal egos and can fight for the welfare of farmers in West Java.

    "Hopefully our current leader (KTNA Jabar) is a leader who is able to bring KTNA in a good direction, especially the wishes and hopes of members can be channeled," hoped Uu.

    "What's the meaning of a leader if it's not a response to members. I hope that my personal ego will be extended but the member's ego is fought for, "he said.

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