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    Diverting Valentine Celebration, Vice Governor Uu Appreciates Religious Festival Students


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, appreciates the students of SMU 4 Bandung who hold religious services on a day that coincides with the valentine tradition.

    The religious festival titled Ghifari festival has a variety of activities such as Islamic competitions, Muslim fashion shows, social services to entrepreneurship. The aim is to establish student character that there are more positive activities than celebrating love day which is an external culture.

    "I welcome this Ghifari festival as a diversion so they are preoccupied with this religious activity," said Uu Vice Governor after opening the Ghifari festival, on the 4th campus of SMU Street Gardujati Bandung, Thursday (02/14/19).

    The Vice Governor hopes that similar things will be held in all schools in West Java. Students must have moral and great morals that are prioritized in life.

    "I am proud of the children here, the religious nuances have felt very thick. This is what we hope for, have great morals and morals," he said.

    According to Uu, no matter how smart students are at school, ukhrowi education cannot be abandoned. Because ukhrowi or moral education originating from syar'i is the most important thing. But students also still have to follow the development of the world which is now entering the era of 4.0 or the cyber world. This means that the life of the world changes faster and if it does not follow its development it will be crushed by itself.

    "I hope that aside from learning worldly knowledge, ukhrowi science should not be abandoned. So our vision of West Java champion is born," he said.

    On that occasion, Vice Governor Uu also inaugurated the Audio Book and Digital Library (PADI) belonging to SMU 4.

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