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    For the First Time Ridwan Kamil Received Directly Community Complaints


    BANDUNG-Not often people have the opportunity to express their aspirations directly in front of their leaders, but this time for the first time, the people of West Java can meet and discuss directly with the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil.

    Through TEPAS (Leaders Meeting for Community Aspirations), Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting - invited and opened a discussion forum with several representatives of the West Java community, at the Pakuan State Building in Bandung, which is also the West Java Governor's Office on Thursday (02/14 / 19).

    At the inaugural meeting this time, Emil, the Governor's call, said that the majority of citizen complaints submitted to him were about repairing dwellings damaged by the disaster.

    Dozens of residents present expressed their complaints, and hopes. Governor Emil also said that all the aspirations conveyed by residents would then be followed up.

    "On average, asking for their houses to be repaired again. Funds are available, so I said please repair them in a procedure, not to be extended because we have budgeted this unexpected budget and it is quite large. The point is all are followed up," Emil said.

    Governor Emil said that if Tepas is a new tradition initiated by the West Java Provincial Government to respond quickly to public complaints. Emil also called Tepas as an embodiment of the principle of the state that is present in the community.

    "Alhamdulillah, we started a new tradition of how we can hear these people's problems directly in the form of meeting at the Governor's house," Emil said.

    "There are three strategies for us to directly connect with the community, one, we go to the region every Sunday, the second invites residents here, third via digital," he said.

    In addition, Emil also said, that the Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum was also ready to accommodate residents' problems in the next release edition.

    "In the future, the theme will be education, health, and others. The time is once a week. Because I and Pak Uu can arrange it," he said.

    So that through Tepas, it is expected to be a means of information disclosure and direct services from the West Java provincial government to the community. The plan, TEPAS will be held regularly to bring the leaders of West Java closer to their citizens. Even the first edition of EDGE was utilized by residents who attended to experience the Governor and Deputy Governor, and set foot in Pakuan Building for the first time.

    One of the residents present, Wawan Gunawan, a resident of Rancekek Permai II, Bandung Regency, on the occasion, he conveyed the matter of the condition of the tornado disaster early last year.

    "Yesterday I became a tornado victim. At that time, the Jabar Quick Response (JQR) team who first gave assistance with the TNI and Polri. You also had time to attend," said Wawan.

    Wawan also had time to say, if residents in the complex are now struggling with flooding. He also asked Ridwan Kamil to help repair people's homes.

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